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We wanted a private cremation for Zakary, and I wanted to be there to ensure our wishes were fulfilled. Although the vet understood my concerns, she stated the service they use, A Rainbow Crossing, was very reputable and ethical. I needed time to think about it, but my family and friends tried to convince me not to go view this as it would not be a pleasant memory. Still uncertain the next day, I called A Rainbow Crossing to get a feel for them. I had such a wonderful conversation with Jennifer that my gut feeling was to have total faith and trust in her knowing she would do the right thing. I was very comfortable and no longer felt a need to go which was huge considering we only just met over the phone. Jennifer did a beautiful job, and when Zak came back home--our other dog, PC, howled welcoming her big brother back! We were so blessed to have had Zak, and we repaid him by giving him lots of love and the best of care throughout his life and up to the end by using A Rainbow Crossing. Zakary's paw prints will forever remain on our hearts. Hugs and sincere thanks Jennifer--Darlene, Tony and "PC" Schaukowitch
Darlene and Tony Schaukowitch, Jupiter, FL

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